Jimmy Fallon Hangs out With Ronald McDonald During Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Before giving a lackluster performance with The Roots at the 93rd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday morning, Jimmy Fallon prepped by hanging out with none other than Ronald McDonald's himself. In a photo shared to his Instagram account before the parade kicked off at 77th Street and Central Park West in Manhattan, Fallon and a group of others could be seen with the iconic clown, the late show host writing, "Ron. [Happy Thanksgiving] [Fallon Thanksgiving] [Macy's Parade]."

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The peculiar photo drew plenty of reactions from Fallon's more than 16 million followers, who took to the comments section.

"Happy Thanksgiving Jimmy!!!" one fan wrote. "I can't wait to watch you in the parade!! Have fun!!!"

"Thanks jimmy!! You too!! I take it your chill'n with the crew today at the parade? Looks like a riot," a second person commented.

"Happy thanksgiving Jimmy !!! It's gonna be awesome parade," added one.

Later in the day, Fallon and The Roots wheeled their way into the parade on the giant Entenmann's float to perform "Surfin' Bird" (Bird Is The Word). The performance, however, won very few people over.

With fans calling Fallon out for "epic toolishness" and a "faked" performance due to lip-syncing, some on social media even speculated that Fallon had a bit too much to drink prior to stepping onto the float.

"Ah yes I love seeing Jimmy Fallon lip-syncing 'The Bird is The Word' on a cookie company float while drunk and holding the mic away from his mouth," one person tweeted.

"So how drunk do we all think Jimmy Fallon is on this float singing Bird Is The Word right now?" another asked.

"Now drunk do we think Jimmy Fallon was at the Macy's Day Parade? One or two bottles of tequila in?" a third wrote.


For his part, Fallon seemed to pay the comments little attention and brushed off the heat with a tweet following his performance, writing, "Thanks again everyone who came out for the [Macy's Day Parade]! And thank you for the [Fallon Thanksgiving] tweets!!! Sending my favs out soon!!!! [Happy Thanksgiving]."