Jessica Simpson Reveals Her 'Pandemic Date Night' Outfit: 'No Pants Required'

Like the rest of the country, even celebrities are dealing with life in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. This list of stars includes Jessica Simpson, who recently shared what a date night looks like for her in 2020. The Dukes of Hazzard actress gave some insight into her current situation, “Pandemic date nights look a little different these days. No pants required.”

It looks like not much is different between Simpson’s quarantine and most of America: pants optional. That being said, Simpson definitely hasn’t let life in quarantine impact her fitness. Earlier in the year, Simpson revealed that she successfully lost 100 pounds after giving birth to her and husband Eric Johnson’s third baby, a daughter, in March 2019. Her trainer, Harley Pasternak, told TODAY that it started out light for Simpson, even something as simple as making sure she got 6,000 steps a day in at least. That eventually built up to 14,000 a day and is something that she has been able to maintain ever since reaching that goal. Her diet wasn’t drastic, he said, she just began focusing on protein and limiting snacks to twice a day, oftentimes being almonds. Her trainer also preached the importance of sleep, something she was lacking, so she made sure to get at least seven hours each night.

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In May, Simpson shared a post of herself in her workout gear and how she was able to get her steps in and urged everyone to “move, move move for your own mental health.” Yoga has also become an instrumental part of his workouts, something she captured in an Instagram post on Sept. 28.

While her weight loss and fitness has moved into the front and center of her active lifestyle over the past two years, 2020 also featured the release of her book, Open Book. Like the title suggests, Simpson doesn’t hold back in bringing readers into her life and revealing some never-before-seen tidbits along the way. She delves into her marriage to Nick Lachey, documenting what she described as a stressful prenup before the wedding. She also talked about an emotional affair she once had with Johnny Knoxville and how John Mayer was one of the more troubling experiences of her life, even introducing her to Xanax. She then digs into her current relationship with former NFL player, Eric Johnson.