Jessi Combs: 'Mythbusters' Star Adam Savage Speaks out After Her Fatal Crash

Following the tragic death of Jessi Combs, Mythbusters star Adam Savage has taken to Twitter to memorialize the late automotive legend. Combs recently passed away in an accident while attempting to break her own-land speed record. Previously, she appeared on the hit reality TV series alongside Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

In a tweet, Savage poured his heart out: "I'm so so sad, Jessi Combs has been killed in a crash. She was a brilliant & too-notch builder, engineer, driver, fabricator, and science communicator, & strove everyday to encourage others by her prodigious example. She was also a colleague, and we are lesser for her absence." He later added, "My heart goes out to her family."

Many of Savage's followers have since replied with their own messages of sympathy, with one writing, "I'm so sorry Adam. She was brilliant, beautiful & so so brave. I loved All Girl Garage & was excited to see her in auto related shows. I dislike when [people] say "they died doing what they loved" but she was going faster then any woman ever has and that's incredible."

"Such a terrible loss. Was just watching Mythbusters the other night with my kids when she was on and was telling my boys about all the cool things she's done," another person commented.

"Oh my... That's horrible news," someone else said. "Obviously didn't know her, but I remember during her stint on Mythbusters that she was super cheerful and brought a ton of smiles to not only the crew, but to those watching from home. She seemed like a great person to be around."


"I am so, so sorry to read this news this morning. If there is a consolation, she left this dimension doing what she loved. May we all be as fortunate. Sending healing thoughts to her family, friends and colleagues," one other fan wrote.

In 2013, Combs earned the title of "fastest woman on four wheels" after setting a record speed of 398 miles per hour in the jet-powered North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger. Sadly, she was attempting to beat this record when an accident claimed her life.