'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Donates $500K to Build Homeless Shelter

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek is giving back in a significant way. According to TMZ, Trebel has donated $500,000 to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission to help them build a new facility. The publication reported that this isn't the first time that Trebek has given a generous donation to the organization.

Ken Craft, the founder of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, told TMZ all about Trebek's donation. Craft explained that the television host donated $500,000 to the organization to help them build a brand-new facility in the San Fernando Valley. Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission is reportedly hoping to construct a 50,000 square foot facility that they are calling "Hope Central." TMZ reported that their new facility would house homeless seniors in the area. They hope to break ground with the project in 2021, which they will be able to do with more ease due to Trebek's incredible donation.

The publication went on to report that Trebek and his wife Jean Trebek toured the facility's construction site on Tuesday. They even got to take a tour of the project, including the wing that will be named after them. Notably, they got to check out what will be the largest room in the building, known as the Alex and Jean Trebek Multi-Purpose Room, which is where individuals will be able to eat and hang out with one another. Craft told TMZ that Trebek's recent donation actually brought him to tears. He added that the Trebeks are hoping that their contribution will spur others to look into the cause and do what they can to help out the homeless crisis.


Back in early March, TMZ reported that Trebek made a sizable donation to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. They said that the Jeopardy! host donated $100,000 to the organization. Trebek had previously gone on a tour of the new facility that was being built and later gave a donation to the cause in order to help the project along. Craft explained that Trebek invited him over to his house to discuss the project, and that is when he slipped him an envelope with a check worth $100,000 and told the organization's founder, "I hope this helps a bit." Craft also recalled that Trebek invited him and his wife to a taping of JEOPARDY!, during which the host introduced them to the audience and said, "I don't normally do this, but I wanted to bring these two people on stage because they are making a difference in L.A."