Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Son Max's Special Bond With Fiance Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez got candid about her son Max's relationship with fiancé Alex Rodriguez during an appearance at Oprah Winfrey's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus. The Hustlers actress was in Los Angeles at the time and she discussed how her son Max, who she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony along with Max's twin Emme, is always the one getting in trouble in under their roof. However, the former MLB star is said to have so much patience when it comes to Max and that's something that both Lopez and her son appreciate.

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"They really liked him," she said her kids felt at the beginning of their romance about three years ago. "I remember this conversation with [Max], even though it's like three years ago now. He said something like, 'Alex is the only one who ever doesn't ever get mad at me.'"

"Because Max is the one who always gets in trouble in the house," she continued according to Entertainment Tonight. "And, he [was] like, 'He's the only one who never gets mad at me.' [Alex] had so much patience with him because he's all over the place and he's the most beautiful boy and the most loving boy. But he will knock this over in a second! All you hear through the house is 'Max!' all the time. Alex had this amazing patience with him."

The two started dating in 2017 but both — who have kids from previous marriages — didn't tell their kids immediately, instead, they eased into it.

"They just started seeing him come around and little by little we eased into it," she said. "And then we went on a family trip, so all the kids cold be together and that was a big step for us that we talked to them about. I was like, 'We're going to go on a trip with Alex — you know, Alex and his girls. Do you like Alex?'"

Rodriguez share Natasha and Ella with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis from his previous marriage.

Lopez and the former Yankees player became engaged last March while on vacation in the Bahamas. Since then, Lopez's schedule has been incredibly busy with her performing in Las Vegas, filming Hustlers and preparing for her Super Bowl halftime performance. Due to how busy she's been, she and Rodriguez have had to postpone their wedding, but now that she's done with everything, her wedding has become her main focus according to one source.


"J. Lo and Alex's wedding is supposed to be this summer after postponing it because of her filming schedule, her Super Bowl performance and other work commitments," the source explained to Us Weekly. "She is finally ready to shift her focus to wedding planning and making that a top priority."

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