Jennifer Lopez Fans Create Debate Over Dress Previously Worn by Shakira Ahead of Super Bowl Halftime Show

Fans of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl in a few weeks. Both will [...]

Fans of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl in a few weeks. Both will take the stage in Pepsi's Super Bowl halftime show. But while most are just awaiting the showcase and the joy that should spread, others are ready to wage war over which lady is the bigger artist.

The site of this specific battle is Twitter and it sparks with a pink dress that both women wore over the years.

The dress in question is a pink mini skirt with a semi-bikini top and a sun emblem over the midsection. Lopez can be seen wearing it during a red carpet appearance for American Idol back in 2016. Meanwhile, Shakira is shown wearing the dress in a more traditional portrait from the cover of her new single.

While it seems like a harmless fan post at first, it quickly devolves into a competition between the fans of both women revolving around their respective careers.

"[Jennifer Lopez] just standing there looks much more better than [Shakira] and all those rags she hung up on herself," one fan wrote in the Twitter thread.

"Well, at least Shakira is able to wear those "rags" all around the world in contrary to Jlo who is only a local thing in the US," another responded, supporting and defending Shakira.

"Lol, the fact remains that [Shakira] looks very tacky in that outfit that Latin Music, Movie and general entertainment queen JLo has one many years ago," the Lopez supporter countered.

"the fact remains that Shakira" is THE most successful latin artist of all time. I repeat check her stats. [Jennifer Lopez's] Spanish music was a total flop everywhere and you call her queen of latin music lmao. She's only popular in the US and only with English songs. Queen of LatMusic," Shakira's defender added.

This continued for several tweets before another fan stepped in to try to pull them apart with some common sense.

"its records, not albums lol and they recently updated to 140 million records and 80 million albums," the third wrote. "why are you fighting anyways, [Jennifer Lopez] and [Shakira] are one of the most popular latin artists globally and are doing the [Super Bowl].....why are their stans fighting."

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will give fans another reason to debate when they hit the stage in Tampa, Florida during Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2020.