Jennifer Lopez Busts a Move During Interview on 'The Tonight Show' With Dance Breaks

Jennifer Lopez showed off her amazing dance moves during her Tonight Show appearance Friday night.

The World of Dance host participated in a "dance break"-filled interview with host Jimmy Fallon, where she complimented A-Rod and new co-star Milo Ventimiglia.

Fallon started the interview sharing that since she is the "pioneer" of dance breaks in her music videos, their interview would be full of them, TooFab reports. During their chat, every time an air horn sounded, they would have to get up and bust a move.

Fallon first asked the Shades of Blue star what her favorite music video of all-time was, as she will receive the MTV Video Vanguard Award at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday.

"Janet Jackson. 'Pleasure Principle,'" Lopez replied. "Of all time, yes. It's probably the reason I decided like I want to be a singer, I want to be a dancer. I can do this."

That's when the buzzer went off and Lopez and Fallon got up to dance to a instrumental version of the singer's 2018 hit "Dinero." When she realized what song it was, the "World of Dance" judge brought out her choreography.

Later in the interview, Lopez teased her upcoming VMA performance.

"I have to just be me," she said. "I have to just do what I do. We're going to try to bring the thunder."

As the dance breaks continued, Lopez brought out her moves to her chart toppers "Waiting for Tonight," "El Anillo," and "Let's Get Loud."

Lopez, who is in the midst of her Las Vegas residency, joked that she didn't even know her own songs, as she did her "On The Floor" choreography at first when they played "El Anillo."

"That was a fail," Lopez admitted. "Because I thought you were playing 'On The Floor' and you were playing 'El Anillo.' I can't recognize my own songs!" The interview ended with Lopez and Fallon whipping their hair and dancing in front of fans.

The singer also opened up about her upcoming romantic comedy Second Act co-starring Ventimiglia.

The This Is Us star was on the show earlier this week and revealed Lopez "specifically requested" him for the role. Lopez said that watching Ventimiglia "play a dad" on the NBC drama made her know that she wanted the "heartthrob" for the film.

"We were developing the script, there was only one person I ever saw," she said. "I was just like this has to be Milo. This has to be the guy from This Is Us."


Aside from her upcoming VMAs performance Monday, Lopez will be saying goodbye to her TV character Harlee Santos on the series finale of Shades of Blue, airing Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards air Monday Aug. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.