Jenna Dewan Jokes Beyonce Fans Are 'Going to Kill' Her After Critiquing, Imitating Singer's Walk

Jenna Dewan is bracing for the hits from the Bey Hive after critiquing Beyonce Knowles during Wednesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The former World of Dance host was asked what annoys her the most about pop stars' dancing, and her answer required a how-to on walking in heels. Dewan is pregnant with her first child with actor Stve Kazee.

While on Cohen's show, Dewan was asked about her pet peeves when it comes to how pop stars dace.

"When they walk in heels, but they walk like this," Dewan said, getting up from her chair and showing off an awkward walk. "Instead of walking through your feet."

Cohen then put Dewan on the spot, asking her which star was most guilty of that.

"Y’all are going to all kill me. But back in the day, Beyoncé did that," Dewan said over the boos from the studio audience. "But now she walks perfectly through her heels. But back in the day, I’d always be like, ‘Why are you walking like that?'"

Dewan assured Beyonce's fans that she is a big fan of her though.

“The whole world is about to come for me right now. Bey Hive, Bey Hive, I love Bey,” Dewan said.

Cohen also asked Dewan if she has ever worked with Beyonce.

"No, but... I worship her, she's amazing," Dewan said.

Cohen then joked that her chance to fix that might have gotten worse.

"I know! I don't think I'm being hired," Dewan joked.

Dewan was on Watch What Happens Live to promote her new book, Gracefully You. The stop came about a month after she announced she and Kazee are expecting a baby.

In one of the pregnancy photos she took, Dewan was seen wearing a pink bow above her stomach, which some fans thought meant she was having a girl. However, Dewan shot down that rumor.

"I’m keeping this secret from myself!" Dewan said Wednesday. "But I was not trying to tell … it was not a gender reveal, and I saw a lot of people ask me that and I was like, 'I didn’t even think about that.'"

Dewan is also mother to 6-year-old Everly, her daughter with ex-husband Channing Tatum. In an excerpt from her new book, Dewan compared the split to a "tumbling avalanche."

"The separation tested me in ways I hadn't thought possible," she wrote. "I started to wonder if everything I believed in and always talked about was real. Could anyone or anything ever be trusted?"


Dewan also stars in the upcoming Netflix series Soundtrack and hosts Fox's upcoming Flirty Dancing reality show.

Photo credit: Getty Images