Jenelle Evans Sparks Pregnancy Speculation in New Photos, and 'Teen Mom' Fans Are Sounding Off

Jenelle Evans posted a photo album from her son Jace's birthday this weekend, and many fans began speculating about a possible pregnancy. Evans appeared in just one of the five pictures from the festivities, but it was apparently enough to send her commenters into a speculative frenzy. However, as Evans has discussed in the past, that is no longer a possibility for her.

Evans had her arms around Jace and her daughter Ensley in the photo, and all three were smiling. The party too place at a Nerf and paintball range where the kids took turns firing mock weapons.

However, Evan's followers seemed more focused on her physique.

"SOMEONE'S looking pregnant," one follower wrote with two laughing-crying emojis.

"I was thinking the same thing," replied another. "You can see a little belly there."

Others chimed in as well, though many jumped to Evans defense. Some commenters even noted that Evans had a tubal ligation procedure, as she told PEOPLE back in April. As such, she should not be able to get pregnant. However, the commenters felt that they were getting to her either way.

"Someone has been deleting all the comments," another fan wrote with a laughing emoji.

Whatever fans may say, Evans seems to be in good spirits. On her Instagram story, she posted two videos of herself striking poses in the mirror in the same shirt before heading to the party. She also posted clips and snapshots from the party itself, giving fans a peek at their family celebration.

Whatever she does, Evans is unlikely to escape outraged Instagram commenters any time soon. Even now, with her kids back in her custody, many left comments calling for them to be taken away from her, and more than a few wrote joking questions about her dog, Nugget.

Back in May, Evans told her Instagram followers that her husband, David Eason had shot and killed her dog Nugget, presumably close to their children. Eason seemed to confirm the allegations sometime later, claiming he had done it because Nugget bit their daughter. However, many fans found this too disturbing to bear, whatever his justification.


This was the last straw for MTV, as the network fired Evans from her role on Teen Mom 2. Eason had already been banned from the program, so the family was likely difficult to film as it was. At the same time, Evans' and Eason's children were removed from their custody.

Evans has her kids back now but not her job. So far it is unclear what comes next for the reality star.