Jenelle Evans Accused of Photoshopping Latest Image

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was accused of using Photoshop on her latest Instagram post to advertise a weight-loss product.

jenelle evans photoshop photo
(Photo: Twitter/Jenelle Evans)

On Friday, Evans shared an advertisement for Flat Tummy Co., a weight-loss shake program. Evans twisted her body to show off her flat stomach, and claimed her flat stomach was proof of the shake working.

"Day 24 of my @flattummyco shake program and loving my results! Seriously girls, my tummy is looking noticeably flatter, and it's probably since these have like 20g of protein and are 3x more effective than diet and exercise alone," Evans wrote. "Anyways if I was you - I'd be heading to to check it out for yourself."

Evans' flat tummy raised more than a few eyebrows from fans who were skeptical of the photo. Many were convinced Evans artificially flattned her stomach.

"Photoshop much.. can you teach me," one fan wrote.

"This photo looks shoped?" added another.

Many other fans poiunted out it was an old photo, and others thought Evans could not possibly be only on day 24 because she has been promoting Flat Tummy for months. "She posted this exact same pic six months ago," one fan wrote.

"This is a recycled pic. And very photoshopped. Her belly now is very flabby; just look at other photos recently," another wrote.

Others criticized Evans for promoting the shake program.

"For one it isn't better then working out and eating right. This is ignorant. Please stop making people feel like that's the right way. So sad," another wrote.

"It's simply a diuretic and a laxative [eyeroll emoji] nothing special but definitely over priced," one fan wrote.

Evans' Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry was also accused of using Photoshop this summer, when she shared a new bikini photo. Lowry quickly snapped back on Twitter, writing, "If y'all don't get off my a– on IG y'all can catch the block button," Lowry wrote. "I didn't photoshop my photos. But if i wanted to i f– will."

Evans did not respond to allegations of Photoshopping on Twitter, where people also accused her of editing the photo.

Evans has more than Photoshop allegations to worry about though. Following her shocking gun-pulling road rage incident, Evans was at the center of rumors she would be leaving the show. Her husband, Dave Eason, was also fired from the show for offensive language on social media.

On Aug. 5, Evans fired back at rumors she is quitting.


"Have lots of offers from many different people but you have to turn them down when you're locked in a contract," she wrote, alongside the hashtag "Annoying" and an eye-rolling emoji.

Photo credit: Twitter/Jenelle Evans