Jay-Z Brings Superfan Who Twice Beat Cancer to the Stage

Jay-Z brought a fan onstage at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA on Saturday night to celebrate her double victory over cancer.

Christina Cruz was holding up a sign at Hov's Oakland stop on the 4:44 tour. In big glittery letters, it said "I Beat Cancer 2X 2 C U! I LOVE U!!! SELFIE OR HUG?"

Jay-Z couldn't turn down such a simple request from a fan who had been through so much. He marvelled at Cruz's resilience, reportedly saying "You beat cancer twice, I gotta give you at least a hug." He pulled Cruz up onstage and talked with her for a while, congratulating her on her recovery.

Fans captured the moment and posted videos and pictures on social media.

"You just know, if you beat cancer twice you can do anything," the rapper told Cruz.


Cruz was overjoyed by the recognition from one of her heroes. She was beaming onstage, and she later posted a photo with the star on Instagram. Her account is private, but her caption reportedly reads, "I can't believe he pulled me on stage and I got to hug him not once but twice!!! Truly a dream come true!! Thank you Jay-Z!!!!"

Jay-Z is still on tour supporting his album 4:44, which many fans saw as a highlight of the "retired" rapper's career. The moment of compassion and celebration on stage with Cruz is a pleasant counterweight to the other recent headlines, where George Zimmerman has been threatening Jay-Z over a documentary about the death of Trayvon Martin.