Did Jay Z Admit To Cheating On Beyonce In New Song?

After all this time, it looks like the rumors may actually be true.

In Beyonce's last album, Lemonade, a few lyrics made fans believe that the singer's husband Jay Z had possibly cheated on her. Jay's new album was released this week, and it seems like the rap icon has admitted that there was some truth to the allegations.

The first song on 4:44 is titled 'Kill Jay Z', and it's about the mistakes the rapper has made over the course of his life. At one point, Jay seems to address a patch of infidelity.

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Jay is addressing himself throughout the entire track, and he raps, "You almost went Eric Benet, let the baddest girl in the world get away."

If you recall, Eric Benet famously cheated on Halle Berry, who he was married to at the time.

That line seems to say that Jay almost lost Beyonce because of another woman. The rumors of his infidelity began when Beyonce's Lemonade album came out, and she referenced "Becky with the good hair."

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In another track on the new album, Jay directly references the infamous Becky. The song is called Family Feud, and Jay says, "Yeah, I'll f*** up a good thing if you let me, let me alone Becky. A man that don't take care of his family can't be rich."

Beyonce actually sings background vocals on the track.


Throughout the album, Jay Z also addresses his issues with partner-in-crime Kanye West, and sister-in-law Solange Knowles.

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur