Jason Momoa Body-Shamers Get Wrecked By His Fans Online

A photo of Jason Momoa that recently went viral saw the actor getting criticized for his new physique. However, now the body-shamers are getting wrecked by his fans online after a slew of users attempted to negatively label Momoa's new look as a "dad bod."

Momoa's fans hit back, with one commenting: "So #JasonMomoa is getting body shamed now? JASON MOMOA!? And the comments are from women who would no doubt be up in arms if the role was reversed. The Internet is so damn cruel. An island needs to be created so that all online trolls can be dropped onto it."

"The photo of Jason Momoa that is being circulated has really highlighted the pervasive problem of fatphobia," another fan said. "Momoa is probably stronger and fitter and MUCH healthier in that photo than he ever is during his film shoots."

"Can't sleep so I open twitter to see Jason Momoa of any and dudes being body shamed? B—es, please!
Jason Momoa is fine AF with short hair, long hair, beard, no beard, 5% body fat, 18% body fat," someone else tweeted. "I repeat, B—es, please!"

"Can't believe Jason Momoa is being body shamed! This is what a fit male who works out looks like," one other person chided. "People's minds are SO warped by CGI bods/how celeb bods *temporarily* look after they've been put through the wars in exchange for 7 figures [ok emoji] Leave him alone, [the f—]. The jealousy!"

"For f—s sake people, Jason Momoa does not have a 'dad bod.' Rule of thumb is to stay 2 weeks away from your best body," a fifth user stated. "Jason is about a week away. Plus 'dad bods' are fat, like the husband you're always complaining about."

"I haven't watched #Aquaman, or indeed anything with Jason Momoa in it (that I know of), but if people are body shaming him for the shape he's in currently, the rest of us are clearly f—ed," somebody else quipped. I mean, how can this be considered BAD?"


"Hey, if you ever feel bad about your body, just remember that even Jason Momoa gets body shamed so yeah society has no clue what's its f—ing talking about [J— f—ing C—]," one final fan exclaimed.