Jason Derulo Tooth Appears to Chip On Video Eating Corn on the Cob With a Power Drill

Jason Derulo may need to be taking a trip to the dentist after attempting a "life hack" he saw on social media. In a new TikTok video shared with his millions of followers, the 30-year-old musician took on yet another viral trend, attempting to eat corn with a power drill. The video was also to his 5.7 million followers on Instagram.

The video ended in disaster, though, when he seemingly chipped his front tooth. In the clip, Derulo, holding the drill with an ear of corn attached, if "y'all seen this?" referring to the quick way to clean an ear of corn. He goes on to admit that he's "always wanted to try it," calling it a "life hack" before he turns on the drill and begins eating corn. Derulo, who warned his fans not to "try this," shouts in pain a few seconds later and puts his hand to his mouth. When he pulls his hand away and flashes a smile, his two front teeth appear to be chipped.

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Currently, it remains unclear if the tooth chipping was simply a prank. It's an antic that wouldn't be all that difficult to believe, given that Derulo previously pretended to lose one of his front teeth in a separate video that showed him falling into a pool while attempting to do a handstand.

Although he posted a second TikTok clip showing Derulo with chipped front teeth, in a video he posted with his dog, the singer shows a full set of pearly whites. The Daily Mail reports that on Tuesday, the Cats star was even spotted out and about in Los Angles with a perfect smile. However, the debate on whether he had simply made a quick trip to the dentist or not raged on social media.


In the comments section of his Instagram post, one sleuth cast doubt on the chipped tooth scenario, writing that "there's no way," as he "would be bleeding" if he had actually caused damage to her pearly whites. A second person, seemingly agreeing, wrote that the clip was "super fake," while another added, "this ain't real."

Derulo seems to be ignoring the speculation, as he has not yet addressed whether or not the clip was fake or not. The singer has become a fan of TikTok in recent weeks and often shared videos of himself taking on new viral challenges. Recently, he marked a significant milestone when he reached 20 million followers on the platform, celebrating with a photo of himself on Instagram.