Jared Leto Shares Ripped 'Hump Day' Selfie Alongside Voting PSA

Jared Leto shared an unashamed shot of his torso on Instagram last week, drawing all eyes to his [...]

Jared Leto shared an unashamed shot of his torso on Instagram last week, drawing all eyes to his voting PSA. The singer-turned-actor took a mirror selfie from his waist to his chin, leaving little to the imagination. In the caption, he wrote: "Happy hump day... P.S. Don't forget to vote."

Fans fawned over Leto's picture, as they said in excruciating detail in the comment section. However, some did not appreciate his input on the 2020 presidential election. Many accused the star of pandering or questioned if he had been somehow paid to promote voting. However, Leto is not the only celebrity to encourage fans to vote in his recent social media output.

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Happy hump day P.S. Don’t forget to vote 🗳

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A recent editorial by Vox's Rebecca Jennings remarked on the trend of celebrity voting PSAs, deeming this "the thirst trap election." Jennings wrote: "our nation's professionally hot people have taken to the internet to encourage the public to vote with the best way they know how." She also argued that stars are more engaged in this election than ever, not for political reasons but because the coronavirus pandemic has left them with little else to engage with on public forums.

Other sizzling social media voting PSAs have come from stars like Lizzo, Kyle Jenner, Diplo and Michael B. Jordan, among others. Internet stars are in on it too, including YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who photoshopped former Vice President Joe Biden's face onto her body in a horrifying mash-up. On the right, the viral "gun girl" Katilin Bennett has been striking all kinds of poses for President Donald Trump.

"That some will feel annoyed by hot people using their hotness to promote something serious seems like a risk that most celebrities and influencers are willing to take," Jennings observed. However, whether any of these promotions accomplish anything remains in question. According to a CNN report, early votes and absentee ballots have already surpassed half of the total votes cast in the 2016 election.

Stars are taking note of this trend as well. Many are using social media to promote efficient voting methods or instructions on navigating the absentee ballot process. This trend frustrates some fans as well, as they angrily rebuke their favorite stars with "stick to acting." Election Day 2020 is on Tuesday, Nov. 3.