Jamie Lynn Spears Tears Into Trolls Who Are Speculating About Britney's Mental Health

Britney Spears is currently staying in a mental health facility, an announcement that has since sparked a wave of speculation from the singer's fans who believe that she is being held there against her will.

Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is absolutely not here for any such speculation, making her feelings known on social media early on Tuesday, April 23.

The Louisiana native posted a throwback video along with a caption writing that she loves Britney "with everything I have" and that people should not talk about what they "don't understand."

The video was a 2007 clip in which the Spears family was surrounded by paparazzi, with a woman approaching them to tell Britney that “nobody wants you in this neighborhood,” to which Jamie Lynn screamed, “Then move the f— out!”

Jamie Lynn referenced the clip in a second tweet, writing, "Don’t come for me or the ones I love anymore. You can move the 'blank' outta here with all that, just like this other lady who was running her mouth."

The mom of two also shared the post on Instagram, with her mother, Lynne Spears, commenting with four red heart emojis.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Britney had checked herself into a mental health facility, with a source telling Variety that Spears checked in after suffering emotional distress. Fans began claiming that the star has been held at the facility against her will since January after an episode of the podcast Britney's Gram, which included a voicemail from a paralegal who claims to have worked on the star's conservatorship. The 37-year-old has been in a conservatorship under her father's control since 2008.

Since her stay was reported, Britney has been seen at a hair salon and she was photographed on Easter Sunday after being allowed a one-day leave to spend the holiday with her family, PEOPLE reported. The sightings were the first of the mom of two in months.


Speculation about someone else's mental health is never okay, and while fans want the best for Britney, those around her are likely much more aware of what the best is for the singer rather than well-intentioned fans.

Photo Credit: Getty / C Flanigan