Sharon Osbourne Says James Franco Should Attend Oscars, And Here's How

Many have speculated on whether or not James Franco will attend the Oscars amid numerous sexual misconduct allegation, but Sharon Osbourne thinks the actor should attend and has a very creative suggestion for how.

Camera's caught up to the former America's Got Talent judge recently and recorded her response to being asked about people should refuse to vote for Franco to get an Academy Award.

"F— off, he's the best," Osbourne fired back, as reported by The Blast. "Are you kidding? So what? What has he done? He's done nothing. So what if he's got his d— out in a car? Big deal."

She was then asked if Franco should even attend the big event, to which she replied, "He should go with his dick out."

In the wake of multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him, Franco says he is keeping his side of the story to himself.

While speaking to Seth Meyers on Late Night, Franco further addressed the claims against him, effectively choosing not to make any kind of official rebuttal.

"There are people that need to be heard. I have my own side of this story, but I believe in these people that have been underrepresented getting their stories out enough that I will hold back things that I could say, just because I believe in it that much," Franco said.

"So if I have to take a knock because I'm not going to try and actively refute things, then I will, because I believe in it that much," he then added.

However, while he did not choose to fire back any of the claims against him specifically, he did tell Meyers that the allegations were "not accurate."

The claims against Franco came only days after he took the stage to accept his Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Golden Globe award for his performance in The Disaster Artist.

While he was doing that, over on Twitter Brat Pack actress Ally Sheedy was throwing shade at the actor, and alluding to some kind of misconduct on his part.

"Why is a man hosting? Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much. Nite love ya," Sheedy wrote in a cryptic tweet.

She came back later and added, "Ok wait. Bye. Christian Slater and James Franco at a table on [Golden Globes]," and included the hashtag for the "Me Too" movement.


When Franco was revealed as the winner in his category, Sheedy fired off, "James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the film/tv business."

It's unclear if she meant by her comments that he had been inappropriate with her personally, or if she was just echoing other accusations against him, but Sheedy and Franco did once work together when he directed her in an off-Broadway production back in 2014.