Accusers Call out James Franco on Twitter

As actor James Franco took the stage wearing all black and a Times Up pin at the Golden Globes on Sunday, women on Twitter called him out.

Shortly after accepting his award for best lead actor in a comedy for The Disaster Artist, James Franco's name was rebounding on Twitter, not to congratulate him for his win or to speculate why he wouldn't allow Tommy Weisau to speak, but to instead call him a hypocrite and accuse him of sexual misconduct.

"Hey James Franco, nice Times Up pin at the Golden Globes," actress Sarah Tither-Kaplan wrote, describing how Franco had exploited her after she agreed to appear nude in two of his movies.

She went on to explain that "if a famous actor who has the ability to make or break my career with the snap of his fingers offers me a part, I don't have bargaining power. I need work. I need to eat. I need a career. I can't afford to say 'no.'"

Another Twitter user, Violet Paley, also used the social media platform to speak out against Franco.


This isn't the first time that the actor has been called out for sexual misconduct. In 2014, the 39-year-old made headlines after Business Insider reported that he had tried to arrange a meet-up with a 17-year-old girl he had been talking to via Instagram. It had been alleged that Franco had offered to rent a New York hotel room so that they could spend time together. He later acknowledged messaging her and said that he had "used bad judgement."