'Jackass' Star Steve-O Celebrates Decade of Sobriety With Shocking Video of Every Drug He's Taken

Jackass star Steve-O has never been shy about his many years of abusive drug use, and now the stuntman is celebrating a decade of sobriety by sharing a shocking video of every drug he's taken, among them being acid, cocaine, and ketamine. In a video shared to his YouTube page, Steve-O walks viewers through every drug he's ever taken and how they impacted. He also shares some disturbing old footage of himself on some of the various drugs. In the YouTube post, Steve-O described the video by saying, "It's fairly common knowledge that I did a lot of drugs, but nothing can prepare you for how messed up the truth of my drug history truly is. Strap on your seatbelts, because this is seriously messed up..."

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Many of his YouTube subscribers have since commented on the video, with one person writing, "So proud of you Steve-o. You were definitely an influence in my life when I was younger. But you definitely became more of a role model now!! You seriously became such a woke and inspirational dude. God bless you and your fiancé. Love the videos. Shout out to EL Chop-O.."

Steve-O also shared a clip from the video on his Instagram page, adding in the caption, "Verified
Throwback to my last drug bender (2008). We just dug up the most graphic, humiliating footage of me on drugs, to show the effects of each different drug in 'Breaking Down Every Drug I Ever Did.' This one's really f—ed up, check it out now!"

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Steve-O's Instagram followers have also been commenting on his new video, with many of them sharing messages of congratulations on his sobriety.

"Glad to see you sober, my brother. Coming from a friend, this clip makes me sad but also stoked that you were able to overcome," one person wrote. "It does look like you auditioning for a Joker role. Love you big Dog!"

"Damn. Dude you are so much cooler now. Plus you save dogs and are funny without being high. All the best. Def a role model for the kids to turn their life around," one other fan said. "Thanks for the hook up w tickets back in Miami for your show."


"Man, thank you for your honesty and putting this out there," someone else offered. "We shouldn't be ashamed of our past, we should learn from it and celebrate how far we've come."

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