Iliza Shlesinger Stuns Stand-up Audience With Sweet Pregnancy Announcement

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger, best known for her Netflix special Elder Millennial and the film Spenser Confidential, announced during a show on Friday night at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio, TX. She was riffing on how some of her initial tour dates had to be rescheduled due to COVID, before explaining another reason why she had to shuffle her schedule. "It's because I have been working on a very big project, and you'll be able to see it in January!" she said delightedly before exposing her pregnant belly to the ecstatic audience.

Shlesinger, who has been married to chef Noah Galuten since 2018, also excitedly spilled to PEOPLE about her first pregnancy. The comedian, who built her career on jokes about being single and dating, explained that she was "excited and open-minded" about this new phase of her life and pointed out the skills that she had developed already. "I can unhinge my jaw and eat an entire cantaloupe in one breath," she joked.

Shlesinger also told PEOPLE that she found out that she was pregnant while her assistant was present. "We found out from a test and my assistant was in the room before my husband got there," she said. "So technically she found out first. It was uncomfortable for everyone!" The Good on Paper star also explained that she and her husband had already found out the sex of the baby. "We found out it was a girl immediately. We didn't want to do a gender reveal and accidentally kill people," she quipped, explained that their new arrival is due "sometime within the next year, for sure."


Shlesinger was extremely honest about her wedding, and fans can hope that that transparency will continue into motherhood as well. "I had the experience of getting married, and I love my husband, and it was a beautiful day, but it is not all perfection," she told PEOPLE in 2018. "Women were expected to go through this flawlessly, and I'm here to tell you, it's very human to have some negative thoughts on that day. As with wedding photos and social media, these are the highlights of our lives that we show people, and we can hold these two ideas equally in our mind: that you can look beautiful and be annoyed at the same time. I think that's almost the crux of a lot of women's existence. All this effort goes into making everything look perfect, but I just wanted to give a peek at the darker side of it."