Iggy Azalea Stuns in Summer Bikini

Iggy Azalea got her summer started with a jaw-dropping bikini snap on Instagram on Saturday, and fans felt that the season was officially in full swing.

Azalea posted a photo of herself by the pool on Saturday, her eyes closed and her face toward the sun. She wore a miniscule string bikini, one hand idly holding a strap. Her long blonde hair hung down to her waist, the ends wet after she had apparently taken a dip.

(Photo: Instagram @thenewclassic)

"ALL SUMMER," she wrote in the caption.

The rapper's right arm was at a slight angle, making her wrist tattoo very prominent. Azalea used to have a large flower tattoo on her inner wrist, but in 2012 she had it covered with a portrait of the Roman godess of love, Venus. The tattoo is based off of Sandro Botticelli's famous 1486 painting "The Birth of Venus."

Azalea's fans sounded off on the photo, declaring her a "queen" and encouraging her to continue to "slay." They lavished her with compliments.

"Oh my goodness," wrote one fan. "If I had this body, I would never have any clothes on."

"I can't deal," wrote another with a string of emojis.

"I love your music AND your modeling AND anything you decide that YOU want to do," gushed a fan. "Period! You're amazing and smart and beautiful!"

Many assumed that the picture was at least a couple of weeks old, as Azalea debuted a drastic haircut last week, taking her luxuriant locks from waist-length to shoulder-length in one cut.

(Photo: Instagram/@thenewclassic)

"I really just cut all my hair off," she wrote in a post on her Instagram Story.

Azalea raised some eyebrows last month when she went took to Twitter to advocate for more fair treatment of polyamorous relationships. She lashed out at the world for assuming most people are or want to be monogamous.

"I just wanna know, why is it we all automatically assume everyone in a relationship; is in a traditional/monogamous relationship?" Azalea wrote. "We should stop assuming that. I guess I'm thinking about the subject because we all talk so much more about sexuality, gender etc. and the ability for those things to be more complex and fluid. But relationships seem to still be assumed to be TRADITIONAL and MONOGAMOUS. Why?"

She made a point of dissociating herself from the topic, writing, "THIS QUESTION IS NOT RELATED TO ME. IAM [sic] SINGLE."


Azalea engaged a few fans on Twitter in conversation, though it didn't go much further.