Iggy Azalea Performs in a Body-Hugging Jumper at CES

Iggy Azalea was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to promote her new endorsement deal with Monster Products, but that didn't stop her from putting on a show at a night club on Tuesday night.

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The 27-year-old rapper came out on stage in a skin-tight magenta jump suit that appeared to be made of velvet. Her back-up dancers joined her not long after, in leather short shorts and fishnet tops.

It was reportedly a particularly high-energy performance for Azalea, who was delighted to find that the male-dominant crowd knew most of the words to her biggest hits. She repeatedly turned the mic around and let them sing back to her. The crowd was made up of conference attendees as well as a huge number of journalists.

Azalea later posted a boomerang video in the jump suit, her long mane of blond hair whipping freely as she turned.

Azalea's deal with Monster Products includes a high profile commercial at the Superbowl — something the Australian performer has expressed a lot of excitement about. The ad will feature Azalea's newest single, "Savior," featuring Quavo of Migos fame.

Azalea is helping Monster launch their competitor for the Apple AirPod. The AirLink Elements — another set of wireless bluetooth earbuds — feature a fake diamond for decoration. They're hitting stores in April, with a price tag of $300.

Fans are speculating about whether the Superbowl ad is all Azalea has coming up, as her nerves don't seem to reflect the endorsement deal.


On Tuesday, she posted a tweet thanking her followers for their "positive energy." "I'm a tiny bit nervous, humbled & ultimately really excited for the coming weeks to unfold," she wrote. "I hope I'll have your support."