'iCarly': Miranda Cosgrove's Age, Bio and More

The iCarly reboot is fast approaching, putting the spotlight back on star Miranda Cosgrove. Cosgrove was a common sight in TV and movies over the last two decades, transitioning seamlessly from a child star to a young adult before she fell back into a more private routine. Now, fans are looking to catch up with the actress.

Cosgrove was born on May 14, 1993, making her 27 years old at the time of this writing. She Was born in Los Angeles, California, though neither of her parents worked in the entertainment industry. In a 2011 interview with PEOPLE, she revealed that her father owned a dry-cleaning business while her mother was a homemaker. As for Cosgrove, her career began at the age of 3, when a talent agent saw her singing and dancing at a restaurant with her family. Cosgrove told The Star Scoop that she "was lucky," and that before that "never really thought of being an actress."

Cosgrove started her career with TV commercials for McDonald's and Mello Yello, and then went on to model clothes and other items for various brands. She did not begin auditioning for bigger roles until the age of seven, she said — mostly aiming for parts on TV or in the theater.

Cosgrove's first TV appearance came in 2001, when she provided the voice of a young Lana Lang on Smallville. However, most fans know her for her break-out role in School of Rock in 2003. From there, she made her way to Drake & Josh, a spin-off of The Amanda Show, where she played the devious younger sister of the two title characters. From then on, Cosgrove was a Nickelodeon mascot.

Cosgrove had several other roles in the years that followed, including some in movies or on other networks, but for most fans, her career jumped from Drake & Josh straight to iCarly — her own Nickelodeon sitcom. She played a teenage girl with a wildly popular web show living in Seattle with her older brother. The show's bold guesses about how the internet and social media were evolving — accurate or otherwise — captivate fans today in retrospect.

At the same time, Cosgrove was made some attempts at breaking into the music industry, though these had only middling success. Cosgrove did make it to number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her third single, "About You Now," but did not go anywhere with that momentum.

Cosgrove went on her last musical tour in 2012, and at the same time, iCarly came to a close. She pursued some work after that, but also took some time to relax. A 2010 interview with WebMD described Cosgrove's "take on teen stardom" as "surprisingly healthy," though Cosgrove did acknowledge struggles with her body image and other typical teen trials. Cosgrove was homeschooled from sixth grade onwards and dreamed of being a veterinarian if acting did not work out. She attended the University of Southern California briefly after graduating high school, but left to maintain her career.


Cosgrove has held a handful of TV and movie roles in recent years, including the Dispicable Me franchise. She also hosts Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove on CBS. However, many fans are most excited for Cosgrove to reprise her role as Carly in the iCarly reboot, which was announced in December. So far, little is known about the show. It is expected to air sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.