How Justin Bieber Reportedly Feels About Selena Gomez's New Song 'Lose You to Love Me'

Selena Gomez surprised fans when she released her new song 'Lose You to Love Me,' a track [...]

Selena Gomez surprised fans when she released her new song "Lose You to Love Me," a track referencing her relationship with former boyfriend Justin Bieber. While the two were together on and off throughout the years, many fans speculated that when he moved on with wife Hailey Bieber, the young pop star still had feelings for his ex girlfriend. However, one source is clarifying that Bieber has moved on from that chapter in his life and just wants Gomez to "be happy."

"Of course Justin and Hailey have heard Selena's new song and they are both trying to not give any reaction to her lyrics referencing Justin," an insider told E!. "It isn't ideal for Hailey but she understands the creative process of writing music and that Justin had a past."

They continued to say, "Justin has completely moved on from that chapter of his life and understands that Selena is allowed to reflect on the past in her own way. Justin and Hailey both want Selena to be happy and in a good place and aren't phased by it."

One line of the new song specifically calls Bieber out for moving on so fast with a lyric that reads, "In two months you replaced us," referring to his rekindled relationship with Hailey. While this created a lot of talk, Hailey sparked controversy among fans as they debated whether she was taking a jab at Gomez or not after posting a screenshot of a current song titled "I'll Kill You" by Summer Walker to her Instagram story. Fans believe that was in retaliation to the new tune, however, Hailey has denied those rumors calling the speculation "BS."

Even though the super model shunned rumors, Gomez still took to social media via Instagram Live to not only thank fans for their support, but to make it clear where she stands on the potential threat Hailey posed towards her.

"I am so grateful for the response of the song. However, I will never stand for women tearing other women down," she said. "So please be kind to everyone."

"Please be kind, I don't like seeing people being disrespectful or rude to other people, so please don't do that."

The next night after she released "Lose You to Love Me" she dropped another song for fans titled "Look at Her Now," which is another reference to she and Biebers former relationship, admitting that she's "glad she dodged a bullet."