Hoda Kotb Shares Post With Savannah Guthrie Amid Feud Rumors

The Today Show has been rocked by rumors of an alleged feud between anchors Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie. Despite the fact that those rumors have been plaguing the morning show production, it seems as though Kotb and Guthrie are on good terms. On Instagram, Kotb posted a photo with Guthrie that just may put the feud rumors to rest once and for all. 

Kotb posted a photo of herself hugging Guthrie while filming an episode of the Today Show. She wrote that she wanted to post the snap "just because." The This Just Speaks to Me author added, "and thank you!!! It was absolutely perfect !! Xoxoox," possibly in reference to Guthrie's recent birthday tribute to her. Guthrie also left a comment on Kotb's post to share the positive vibes right back, writing, "love you mostest," with a heart-eye emoji. 

Kotb's post came shortly after Guthrie took to Instagram to wish her co-anchor a happy birthday. Guthrie posted several photos of the pair, including the same one that Kotb posted to her feed. Alongside the lovely slideshow, she wrote, "she is our sunshine, happy birthday, @hodakotb!!!" In recent weeks, rumors of an apparent feud between Kotb and Guthrie have been heating up. Things hit a snag recently when Guthrie narrowly missed Thursday's episode of the Today Show after oversleeping. After she opened up about the situation on social media, some sources alleged that she purposefully overslept in order to create drama for the series as Kotb was out on vacation. However, the Today Show soon set the record straight on the latest feud-adjacent rumor. 

"Everything in this story is demonstrably false. Savannah overslept, plain and simple," a spokesperson for the Today Show told Page Six. "She was coming in to work from upstate New York this morning. She keeps her phone on 'Do Not Disturb' overnight, aside from a small group of people who can reach her. Her driver tried to call her, but he is not in the group who could reach her, so she didn't wake up. When the show producer called her, she woke up and rushed in." Libby Leist, SVP of the Today Show, also shared a statement with Page Six to dispel rumors of a feud between the two anchors. 

"Savannah and Hoda together guided the TODAY show through its darkest time, they bolstered the entire TODAY show staff when it was needed most, and they are each other's biggest supporters," Leist said. "These two women have achieved so much together. In 2022, that should be the focus — not a made-up 'catfight' manufactured for clickbait."