Heidi Klum Reveals First Hint at This Year's Halloween Costume

It's mid-way through October, and the Queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum, is back in action and busy at work on her Halloween 2019 costume. On Wednesday, the model, known for her detailed and jaw-dropping annual costumes, took to Instagram to offer fans their first tease of what she will be transforming into this year.

"Michelangelo… oops!… I mean, Mike Marino hard at work sculpting my Halloween costume," she captioned a video of the costume-making process. "I am so excited for all of you to see his artistry in action!"

Klum also revealed that this year, fans will have the opportunity to see the transformation up close and personal, as it will unfold "at 10AM in the front window of the [Amazon] Store at 7 W 34th St in Manhattan" on Halloween day. According to the star, "the [Prosthetic Renaissance Makeup-FX Studios] team will spend 10 hours transforming me into (it's a secret)."

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Keeping with tradition, the former America's Got Talent judge did not reveal what persona she will be slipping into come Halloween night, though that didn't stop fans from starting the guessing game in the comments. Currently, according to fan speculation, top contenders are an alien or Cleopatra.

"Are u going as an alien?" one person asked.

"Can't wait," a second added. "Master of costumes. I know you won't let us down this Halloween."

"Cleopatra for sure," another guessed.

"You always got the best costume," wrote a fourth.

Other suggestions included the Bride of Frankenstein, Cleopatra's fellow Egyptian queen Nefertiti, Ms. Conehead, and "Delenn from Spacecenter Babylon."

Dubbed the Queen of Halloween, a title officially bestowed upon her by the Halloween & Costume Association, Klum has been donning extravagant costumes ever since 2000, only revealing the finished product when she steps out at annual over-the-top Halloween party.


Over the course of Klum's nearly two-decade-long Halloween tradition, the actress has found herself transforming into a zombie doll, Lady Godiva on a horse, Betty Boop, a golden alien, a red witch, a vampire, a serpent, a cat, Kali, a crow, an alien, a cadaver, Cleopatra, a butterfly, and a group of clones.

Last year, she and then-fiancé and now-husband Tom Kaulitz attended her 19th Annual Halloween Party at Lavo nightclub in New York City as Fiona and Shrek, complete with a carriage carrying a baby ogre.