Heidi Klum Puts Her 'Best Foot Forward' in Halloween Costume Tease

Heidi Klum is putting her best foot forward for this year’s Heidi Halloween.The official Queen [...]

Heidi Klum is putting her best foot forward for this year's Heidi Halloween.

The official Queen of Halloween offered another glimpse of this year's highly secretive Halloween costume on Monday, just days before the spooky holiday, sharing a video of a large prosthetic foot.

The video, showing the large foot slowly rotating, fueled a guessing game in the comments, with fans offering their opinions of what they believe the former America's Got Talent host may be transforming into on Halloween.

"Harambe's memory lives on," one person wrote, suggesting that Klum may be paying homage to Harambe, the 17-year-old gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure.

"Shrek and Fiona," a number of others suggested.

"Big foot or Hulk?" another questioned.

"I was thinking a Lyken as in Underworld after seeing the head work," one person wrote, referencing an earlier video shared by Klum teasing an intricate mask being created for the ensemble. "But after seeing the big foot, i would have to say a troll."

Still, others thought more along the lines of other large primates, with many suggesting the foot resembled that of King Kong or even the Yeti.

Although fans will have to wait until tomorrow to see the full ensemble, Klum has teased the costume a number of times in the days and weeks leading up to Oct. 31, the first tease coming on Sept. 25 when she shared a video of a mold of her face being created. She later shared a video teasing that this year's costume would feature not one, but two sets of teeth, one of which is crooked and looks as though it could use a set of braces.

Klum has been donning extravagant costumes ever since 2000, each year throwing an over-the-top Halloween party. The event recently led to her officially being named Queen of Halloween, a title that was bestowed upon her by the Halloween & Costume Association.

In years past, Klum has transformed into a number of different characters, including Jessica Rabbit in 2015 and an elderly woman in 2013. The prosthetics for those costumes were created by Prosthetic Renaissance Inc., the same design company working on her costume for 2018.