Halle Berry Reveals Sexy Snap, Encourages Us To ‘Simplify’

Halle Berry looks simply stunning in her new Instagram pic in which she encouraged her followers to "simplify." The Oscar-winning star took to social media over the weekend to unleash the sultry snap.

Simplify, simplify. #thoreau

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The 50-year-old actress shared the photo with the caption: "Simplify, simplify. #thoreau."

The steamy shot shows Halle Berry lying on a bed wearing an undone button-down shirt. While looking away from the camera, the mother of two whips her long locks up in the air.

The pic was well-received by Berry's Instagram followers as they showered the post with more than 43k likes and hundreds of comments about how gorgeous she looks.

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Just by scrolling through her Instagram page, it is clear to see that the Monster's Ball actress doesn't mind sharing intimate photos of herself. However, she has explained that social media does come with its pitfalls.

"There are some things that can kill a brand, things that can happen today because of social media. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but that power can be misused," Berry recently said at Cannes Lions, according to Page Six.

One way that Berry has observed people misusing social media is by acting like they have a closer relationship with her than they actually do.

"If I am having dinner with a friend, and a man comes up and asks to take a picture, most times I will always say, 'Of course!'…But then that person posts the picture on the social media as if I am dating that person, and suddenly I am dating, like, 100 people. It seems silly…but I think that is frustrating at social media," said Berry.

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Despite the negative side of social media, Halle Berry recently announced that she is opening a new website to connect with her fans.

She spoke out about her website, Hallewood, by saying: "It will be a new way for me to connect with people around the world, to connect with the youth of today…There are things I want to say and things I want to share. Hallewood is going to be inclusive, it will feature people I respect – artists, writers, there will be a family section, it will be a world that is culturally diverse."

Berry continued by saying: "I realized my celebrity could be used for good, and I think tech is a fun interactive way to do that – plus my daughter is nine years old and I don't want to be the mom that doesn't know anything about social media."


Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill