Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Divorce Reportedly Due to Ryan Anderson Food Hoarding

The former inmate's quick marriage ran into trouble almost immediately.

More details about the end of Gypsy Rose Blanchard's marriage to Ryan Anderson have come out, with TMZ detailing how some of Anderson's habits made trouble after Blanchard was released from prison.

According to the outlet, Blanchard reportedly was unaware that Anderson was an alleged hoarder. He would collect and keep food items in bulk according to TMZ's sources, which pressed issues and raised stress inside the couple's 2-bedroom apartment.

One of the reported biggest issues was how Anderson's behavior reminded Blanchard of her mother's behavior before her death. Anderson would allegedly keep items in the fridge well after their expiration dates, refusing to throw the items away. Blanchard reportedly took steps to do this, leading to a fight that grew to the point that Blanchard was ready to leave.

Some of the alleged items were detailed by another TMZ report, showing that Anderson would bring home to-go containers after eating out. So instead of just tossing items past the date in the fridge, she also tossed the doggie bags of food he didn't finish at the restaurant.

The couple were also filming the second season of the Lifetime series about Blanchard, with meals provided throughout the production and also ending up in the fridge. Anderson was reportedly upset that Blanchard trashed food he was allegedly planning to eat or take to work.

If anything, it shows that the adjustment from her release from prison at Christmas is a larger hurdle to pass than expected for Blanchard. While the couple were married while she was still behind bars, they started living together after her release. She would split from Anderson by the end of March and filed for divorce shortly after.