Gwen Stefani Sports Darker Hair for Stunning Photoshoot

Gwen Stefani tried out a new look for a new photoshoot for Wonderland magazine, sporting a dark brown bob in one snap from the publication's Spring 2021 issue. In a photo Stefani shared on her Instagram on Monday, the singer wears a voluminous lavender ruffled ballgown, her hands on her hips as she looks over her shoulder at someone adjusting the back of her dress.

"Feeling like this emoji," she wrote, including the emoji of a brunette woman with her hand in the air, "with a better outfit gx." She also tagged photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, fashion director Nicola Formichetti, makeup artist Mary Phillips, hairstylist Danilo and nail artist Carolyn Orellana. The image Stefani shared appears to be the only one in which The Voice coach rocks her new hairdo, as photos shared by Wonderland, Formichetti, Danilo and Orellana as well as the issue's cover all feature Stefani's signature platinum blonde locks.

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One of the topics the singer discussed in the accompanying interview was her new single "Let Me Reintroduce Myself," the music video for which saw Stefani recreate a number of iconic looks from the various eras of her career. "We recreated the looks how I wish I would have really looked then if I had people helping me, like a stylist or something," she said. "Things were just a little bit shorter, and the hair was just a little better, you know? Those kinds of things."

Stefani recently told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the fashion retrospective was actually her fiancé Blake Shelton's idea. She explained that the duo were preparing to shoot the video for their duet "Happy Anywhere" when Stefani suggested dressing up as past versions of themselves, an idea Shelton nixed and eventually told Stefani she should repurpose.

"He called me [while] driving to the airport and was like, 'You should dress up as you in all your old looks and do this video,'" Stefani recalled. "And I was like, 'Whoa. That's actually a really good idea.'" The 51-year-old added that it was "fun" to realize how "recognizable" some of her most iconic looks have become over the years. "It was really trippy, because ... it'd be in the original look of what I was back then, and it brought back so many memories," she said. "I never thought, when I was doing those looks, that I would be basically a Halloween costume to other people. Like, that was actually how I dressed."