Gwen Stefani Celebrates Eve's Birthday With Throwback Photo Ahead of People's Choice Awards

Gwen Stefani is already a winner ahead of the People's Choice Awards on E! Sunday night. But she is spreading the good will and love elsewhere before the show actually kicks off at 9 p.m. ET with her birthday wish to former collaborator Eve. The pair previously worked together on Eve's Grammy-award-winning track "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" back in 2001 and have kept their friendship intact since. The rapper said as much in a chat with VIBE back in 2018.

"Gwen and I had an instant connection both artistically and spiritually. We could have been sisters in another life," Even told the outlet.

Eve would later appear on Stefani's 2004 track "Rich Girl," which is where the photo used in the birthday wish comes from.

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Both have spread out further than just music at this point, with Stefani appearing on The Voice, entering the world of fashion and beauty, and is even producing an animated series based around her. Eve, on the other hand, is spending time as a co-host on The Talk, has held several film and television roles and is still putting out records. It shouldn't be a surprise to see the two success stories have each other's backs.

Fans flipped over the birthday wish and delivered their opinion on both stars in the comments.

"My jammmm! Happy Birthday Eve," one fan wrote.

"You both still look exactly the same," another added.

"yesss beautiful queens!!! happy birthday," a third added.

The pair of musicians went on tour together in 2016 for 27 dates and have had a special sort of bond throughout. Of course, this almost didn't happen according to Eve during Stefani's appearance on The Talk back in 2018.

"I just loved Gwen. I was a huge fan, and I was like this is gonna work. Although, the label didn't think it would work," Eve said during the show, prompting some shock from Stefani.

"Really? I thought it was the opposite. I thought they said, 'You need to have her on the record,'" Stefani responded.


Eve went on to say that fighting for Stefani and having her on the song with her was great and she was "happy it happened."

Stefani is currently serving as a judge on The Voice for one season before leaving for replacement Nick Jonas. She is also already a winner at the awards, earning the Fashion Icon of 2019 awards from fans.