'Good Morning America': Ginger Zee Suffered a Home Mishap During COVID-19 Quarantine

Good Morning America's Ginger Zee recently battled COVID-19. On top of that diagnosis, she also had to navigate a complicated household mishap. Thankfully, her husband, Ben Aaron, stepped up to help in a major way. 

Zee first shared an update on how she and her children, sons Adrian and Miles, have been doing since contracting COVID-19. She explained that her symptoms have been "mild" and consist of fatigue and "leg pain." As for her kids, they're "stuffy" but also doing alright. Zee continued to write that "overall we are so grateful to be well" and added that their symptoms pale in comparison to when they battled COVID-19 in March of 2020 before they were vaccinated. Unfortunately, COVID-19 wasn't the only issue that the family faced.

The Good Morning America personality went on to write that the sewer pump in their house failed. To make matters worse, the backup that they installed also failed, meaning that they had a "nice weekend of cleaning." Zee even included a little meteorologist joke, writing, "My forecast: when it rains it pours." Alongside her message, she added a photo of her husband, Aaron, in goggles, a face mask, and wielding cleaning supplies. Zee wrote that he's been "dressed like this for days" along with a few laughing emojis. Since sharing this update, Zee has recovered and made a return back to Good Morning America in the studio. 

Her update came a few days after she shared that she and her kids tested positive for COVID-19. At the time, Zee posted a photo of a trio of positive COVID-19 tests on a countertop, which she captioned with, "COVID cubed in the house. Me and the kids will be laying low. Everyone is feeling tired and stuffy but okay -- I'll be out for a bit to keep everyone safe. Hope you all stay healthy and safe." Since she tested positive for the illness, Zee, of course, had to take a step back from filming Good Morning America in person. While she noted that she was feeling "tired & stuffy," she'll "be out for a bit to keep everyone safe." As she mentioned in her most recent post, this isn't the first time that Zee and her family have battled COVID-19. They contracted the illness in March 2020, which is when the pandemic took hold across the world.