Giant Justin Bieber Ad Ruined by Hilarious Mixup

Justin Bieber's new billboard had a twist of SKIMS on there by accident. The hilarious billboard swap makes it look like the pop singer is slipping into Kim Kardashian's underwear line and fans are here for it. On the top half of the photo, Bieber is dressed in a leather jacket for a Balenciaga ad, however, on the bottom is a stunning legs photo of soccer star Alex Morgan advertising the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's clothing line — which naturally grabbed a lot of attention. 

The giant advertisement sits on the Los Angeles' Sunset strip on the Andaz hotel in West Hollywood, which is famously decorated with a number of celebrity billboards whether they be to advertise a fashion line or a new film or tv series. In the original ad photo, Bieber is decked out in casual wear on the lower half including black sweatpants, white tube socks and red and grey sneakers. While it could have been misconstrued purposefully, it appears to be completely on accident as it was the middle of a billboard swap. However, the way that Morgan's arms and legs lined up with Bieber's upper half fit perfectly together and could pass for an intentional look.

One person wrote on Twitter, "Justin Bieber for Skims Balenciaga is the happy accident you could only wish for on a Monday drive home." According to E!, Jacob Elordi also got in on the fun as he replied to one Twitter user saying, "I'm so sorry for laughing but this is way too funny," while Morgan herself chimed in on the fun and took to her Instagram story saying, "RIP upper half of my body." 

SKIMS has become a popular brand among Kardashians fans and onlookers alike. In fact, the company is what helped thrust the mom of four over the line into billionaire status. In the midst of her divorce from estranged husband Kanye West, Forbes gave the 40-year-old the title when she was added to the "World's Billionaire List," following suit behind her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, who was announced as a billionaire in 2019. Now that Kardashian is there, she has KKW Beauty and SKIMS to thank for pushing her into that new category, along with her other business ventures and her long-running reality show. In October, she was worth $780 million, but once the new year started, she quickly crossed the line.