George Clooney Mistaken for Jeffrey Epstein in Viral Photos With Chris Wallace

George Clooney was mistaken for Jeffrey Epstein in resurfaced photos with Fox News anchor Chris [...]

George Clooney was mistaken for Jeffrey Epstein in resurfaced photos with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. While it's an honor for any man to be mistaken for Clooney, being mistaken for Epstein is highly questionable. However, Wallace's reps have come forward to confirm that the photos were debunked, and it was not, in fact, Epstein in the photos.

It all started with a photo of Wallace on what looked like Epstein's private island with a man who looked similar to Epstein. According to the New York Post, the photo featured a handsome, middle-aged man helping Wallace onto a boat. The photo on Facebook had the caption, "No wonder Chris Wallace is a staunch anti-Trumper. He's been to Epstein Island."

The photo and caption suggested that Wallace was hanging out with Epstein, when in fact it was Clooney. In fact, the photo was from 2012 when the news personality was visiting Clooney at his gorgeous estate in Lake Como, Italy. In a video posted that same year, Wallace said, "It was great. It was everything you would imagine it would be. Great food, great wine, great talk." A spokesman for Wallace said, "This was debunked last week," according to

This isn't even the first time that "social media posts have sought to discredit political figures by tying them to Epstein," the website writes According to the Post, there's a photo where President Donald Trump is kissing his daughter Ivanka Trump, who at the time was 11 years old, on the side of the head with Epstein smiling in the background. The original photo did not contain Epstein; instead, someone added him in to make Trump look as if he were partaking in Epstein's alleged activities involving minors.

Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019, on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors in both Florida and New York. He died by suicide one month later inside his cell. Following his arrest, his former girlfriend and someone he did business with, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested herself just one year after Epstein's arrest. She is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Maxwell's lawyers have claimed that she's being treated unfairly while in federal custody. Although they have pitched to a judge for her to be moved out of isolation and into an area that contains more people, her requests have been refused. She is set to return to court in July 2021.