'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner Faces Backlash for Promoting Friend's GoFundMe

Sophie Turner is having to answer to the Seven Kingdoms after sharing her friend's GoFundMe.

On Monday, the Game of Thrones star asked her 7.4 million Instagram followers to help raise money for her friend who suffered bad injuries in an accident in Thailand. Sharing a picture of Dan Lipski, the tour manager for Turner's fiancée's band, she wrote "Hi everyone... My friend Dan Lipski was in a terrible accident recently, and it's critical that we raise as much money as we can for him. Please donate."

The sentiment didn't sit well with many fans, who immediately began commenting on the post, asking the 21-year-old why she doesn't donate money herself.

"This post has ruined my year," one fan claimed according to Global News. "Donate to your own friend."

"Wait what? This girl is raising funds to save her 'friend' when she literally is the richest on Instagram and on tv?? Why don't you pay for it and be done with it? You can even file that as charity for tax purposes," another wrote.

Fans' confusion and anger only worsened when Turner's fiancée, Joe Jonas, shared the GoFundMe as well.

"Between you and your soon to be husband, you can literally get the money this poor man needs in 2 seconds…I hate when celebs do this," one fan commented.

"Your net worth is 5 mil and your fiancée's is 18 mil…you can pay for it," wrote another.


Turner has since turned off the comments on her Instagram post.

The GoFundMe for Lipski, which states that he was "recently in a bad accident in Thailand" and is "badly injured and in a hospital," has already raised $38,150 of its $40,000 goal.