G-Eazy Fans Immediately Voice Thoughts on Him Wanting to Play Elvis in New Movie

Rapper G-Eazy is making a strong case to play Elvis Presley in the singer's upcoming biopic, posting a few 50s-theme photos on Instagram recently. Fans had mixed feelings about the casting, and about the rapper's attempt at an Elvis-style outfit.

The Instagram post was one of G-Eazy's first overt hints that he wanted the role as The King. Posted late last month, it showed the rapper wearing a patterned shirt with Judy Garland printed on it, the top button undone and a necklace visible underneath. He had the shirt tucked into a pair of tight vintage jeans, with old school loafers under that.

If there was any doubt left that this post was his bid to play Elvis, G-Eazy captioned the picture with lyrics from the song "Don't Be Cruel."

(Photo: Instagram @g_eazy)

"Don't be cruel, to a heart that's true," he wrote.

Some, including Vice reporter Kristin Corry, dismissed this post as "elvis cosplay," though many took it more seriously when paired with G-Eazy's sincere interest in the role. On Monday, TMZ reported that G-Eazy was in talks with people from Warner Bros., where the movie is in the very early stages of development.

The rapper has reportedly even taken meetings on the subject, including at least one with director Baz Luhrmann. So far, the two names that have been seriously considered for the role are Ansel Elgort and Harry Styles, but it looks like G-Eazy is making a strong case for himself. Others under consideration include Miles Teller, Austin Butler and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. However, Luhrmann is staying tight-lipped on the subject.

Many of G-Eazy's fans were put off by the look, from the pompadour hairstyle to the "dad jeans." However, his look has been slowly migrating in that direction recently, so fans may have to get used to it.

"Michael Jackson from the calf down," one fan mocked.

"A pants chain??? Ok I see you," added another.

Of course, many other fans were in favor of the new aesthetic, though they had other criticisms for G-Eazy. Many asked if and when his new album would be available, and others fired off harsh indictments of his breakup with singer Halsey. G-Eazy ignored all of these, focusing entirely on his film aspirations.


So far, the only confirmed cast member for the untitled Elvis biopic is Tom Hanks, set to play "Colonel Tom" Parker in the film.

Expectations are high, though the movie is far from release. Producers hope to begin filming sometime in early 2020, meaning it will be years before we see it in theaters.