'Frozen' Star Josh Gad Weighs in on If There Will Be a 'Frozen III' (Exclusive)

Actor Josh Gad is credited on a number of popular films and shows, but his part in Frozen and [...]

Actor Josh Gad is credited on a number of popular films and shows, but his part in Frozen and Frozen II as Olaf turned heads and warmed hearts as that sweet little snowman who grew into one of the most beloved Disney characters. Little did fans know at the time of Frozen's premiere in 2013 that it would turn into a massively popular franchise with children and adults alike singing, "Let it go, let it go!" Because the Disney films have left such an impression on so many people around the world, it's hard not to wonder if there will be a Frozen III!

In an exclusive interview, Gad gave PopCulture.com a few details that could answer that very question. "Wouldn't that be a great, non-sequitur just amazing announcement to make," he said after previously discussing the challenging times families across America and the world are going through as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and more. "I don't know. I mean, here's the deal. Frozen II wasn't Frozen II until there was a reason to exist. And similarly, I don't know if and when there will be a Frozen III. That's way above my pay grade, but what I can tell you is this: There was an opportunity to take these characters and bring again a sense of hope and inspiration. And it's why the team at Disney and I teamed up on the past couple of weeks to do At Home with Olaf [...] And so the Frozen saga continues, even if it's not necessarily in the form of a third movie. But we'll see! If there's always a story worth telling, I'm sure that Jennifer Lee and the incredible team over at Disney animation will tell that story one day."

Whether there will be another Frozen movie or not, viewers have fallen in love with Olaf — but with humble words, Gad revealed that if he had the opportunity to bring an Olaf spinoff to life, he wouldn't for good reason. "Probably not," he bluntly stated after being asked if he would be down for a film or show based solely on Olaf. "And I'll tell you why. I feel like Olaf really is a part of the fabric of the actual stories that include Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, etc. And to me, separating him from that group doesn't necessarily feel warranted and doesn't necessarily feel earned."

However, there is something he would be okay with moving forward on. "Having said that, the one thing I had publicly said I would do is I would do some series that would allow Olaf to recap other films like he does in Frozen II. That is something I would do," Gad said.

While Gad honors the positive impact both Frozen and Frozen II have had on so many people, he also had the chance to step out of Olaf's shoes and into his own to make a large impact on those who've suffered from the devastating results of the pandemic. Over the weekend, Gad made a special announcement during his Lord of the Rings edition of Reunited Apart on YouTube, to tell fans that he has partnered with Cheerios as they donate to the "No Kid Hungry" program, a national campaign focused on ending childhood hunger in America. While his Reunited Apart series was designed to raise funds and bring a little hope for people who have lost so much during this challenging time — and he's already raised thousands and thousands of dollars — Gad wanted to do more.

"So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that the folks at Cheerios were also fancying the show and wanted to announce something that was so incredibly special — which was, they were prepared to donate $1.3 million to a cause that is so unbelievably important to me, 'No Kid Hungry.'" Gad understands this is a difficult time for many, but highlighted that even donating 50 cents could "make the difference between a kid who is provided with the nutrients she/he needs often by that one meal a day that he or she receives at school." You can help by donating at Nokidhungry.org/Cheerios.