French Montana Still in the ICU, Reveals Video From Hospital Bed

French Montana was rushed to the hospital recently after battling with severe stomach pains and an [...]

French Montana was rushed to the hospital recently after battling with severe stomach pains and an irregular heart beat but fans were shocked when he revealed on Monday that he has been in the ICU for 6 days so far. The rapper shared a video with fans, which has now been deleted, of him showing himself lying in the bed as he pans across the room.

It's still unclear exactly what sent the Moroccan native to the hospital, but a source revealed to ET that he had traveled to four countries in six days and that he's suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, an irregular heart rate and severe stomach pains. Medical professionals will continue to keep him hospitalized for further observation.

According to the outlet, a rep for the LA County Sheriff's Department said they deputies originally went out to respond to a home robbery in Calabasas, California, however, they never found any evidence of any such thing. Upon their arrival, they noticed that the rapper was having some medical issues and that's when he was rushed to the hospital.

It's unclear at this time whether Montana was intoxicated or not but according to audio transcript from the 911 call, one officer can be heard saying the word "intoxicated" which could potentially be referring to 35-year-old.

Since he's been in the ICU, he's had a few famous friends stop by including fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion. She took to Instagram to share with her followers that she visited him and he seems to be in good spirits while he lounges in the background.

"Get your motherf—ing a— out this motherf—ing bed and go home," she said in the clip, which then made Montana laugh.

"They can't keep a real n— down," she added while writing "Love you" across the video.

Not long ago, Montana spoke about the death of friend Mac Miller.

"Sometimes if people don't have people that keep them grounded it can go left," he said. "i just feel like they let him get away with whatever he choose to do. If I was there that night ... if I was around him a couple more nights, I would have made him stop. But he didn't have nobody that was doing that."

Miller overdosed on cocaine and Fentanyl.