French Montana 911 Call Shows Police Believed Rapper Was 'Intoxicated' Before Hospitalization

Rapper French Montana was rushed to the hospital yesterday with severe stomach pain and cardiac issues. Now, it appears that the cops on the other end of the 911 call believe that the Moroccan native may have been intoxicated. TMZ reports that once the police arrived, they began putting people in handcuffs while Montana was asleep in his bedroom. After he was woken up, he began shouting before he collapsed, which is when the police called for an ambulance.

Hear the call over at TMZ here.

Near the end of the audio transcript of the call, one of the officers is heard saying the word "intoxicated," which was apparently in reference to Montana. Sources close to the rapper say he was not intoxicated at the time. It's also been made clear that it was one of Montana's neighbors in Calabasas, CA who initially called 911, believing some sort of robbery was taking place.

Montana was reported to be awake and alert when he arrived at the hospital yesterday, and it was suspected that his recent travels to both Europe and the Middle East may have been what caused his health issues. Nothing official has been confirmed by Montana or his team at this time.

Last year, the rapper spoke candidly about the death of fellow musician Mac Miller, who died of an overdose of Fentanyl and cocaine in September of last year. He believed that Miller had surrounded himself with people who didn't have his best interest at heart, which is what lead to his overdose.


"Sometimes if people don't have people that keep them grounded it can go left," Montana said. "I just feel like they let him get away with whatever he choose to do. If I was there that night ... if I was around him a couple more nights, I would have made him stop. But he didn't have nobody that was doing that."

As far as his own music career, Montana is currently working on his third studio album, Montana. While there's no exact date, it is due for a release sometime this month on Epic Records. The hit single, "Writing on the Wall," which features both Cardi B and Post Malone in addition to Montana, is expected to be on the tracklist.