Franco Noriega, Model-Turned-Chef, Reveals Why He Chose to Cook Naked in YouTube Videos

After rising to fame on YouTube while preparing delicious, step-by-step meals for viewers in the [...]

After rising to fame on YouTube while preparing delicious, step-by-step meals for viewers in the buff and capturing some wild viral attention with his sexy take on chia pudding that earned 1.1 million views, "Naked Chef" Franco Noriega is fast becoming an internet favorite thanks to his Peruvian cuisine and creativity for broadening our taste palettes.

In an exclusive with, the chef, restaurateur, and model opened up about his rise to fame while gracing the screen naked, and sharing why he decided to flaunt his delectable creations all while sporting his hunky birthday suit.

"When I started these videos, I thought to myself, 'Well, I'm going to show people that if they eat the way I've been eating and they follow .. the recipes that I've been doing for a long time, they will accomplish the goal that is basically to feel and look great.' So, that's why .. it's basically 'you are what you eat' mentality. And that's how I started my videos," Noriega told

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Viewers and fans are in complete awe of the 30-year-old former pro swimmer and viral sex symbol, who has remained in incredible shape despite being a foodie and sharing his love for delicious meals on his YouTube channel. In fact, that was a popular question for him, though he admits the secret is simple.

"Most of these people for a long time they were asking me, 'What do you do in order to look the way that you do?' And really, there was really no secret behind it more than just cooking healthy and eating organic food," Noriega added.

Eating organically is something of the utmost importance to the Peruvian native, who opened up about his first restaurant in New York City called Baby Brasa, which features Peruvian style dining with a "focus" on all organic items, which has become a culinary favorite among foodies.

"In the beginning, of course, people looked at the YouTube channel I have just for eye candy," Noriega confessed after being asked how viewers responded to him being so open with his body online. "But later on, they realized that most of the recipes that I was giving were really helpful."

As noted, one of the more popular videos on his YouTube channel, which has more than 124,000 followers is of the chef preparing "super healthy" chia pudding, which sparked immense attention online from social media, including Ellen DeGeneres who invited him on the show.

"That [recipe] became super popular, not only because it is delicious, but also because it is the perfect snack when you're craving something sweet, but you don't want to really eat a Snickers ... it's really healthy, it helps your digestive system and also makes you look great," he explained.

While his channel helped bring delicious, clean foods to his fans, Noriega now offers viewers an in-person experience with his restaurant, which he plans on expanding with locations in Miami and Brazil.

Clearly, it's no secret Noriega has a passion for healthy foods, but every now and again, he enjoys a cheat meal just like everyone else.

"I mean, once in a while I go for Wendy's and I eat a four-patty burger that I love and I have that moment," he laughed, adding how it's "maybe once every month or two months," that he really goes for it.

Noriega, who has modeled for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss, is known as one of the sexiest chefs around since his videos first went viral, capturing attention both online and offline. But something many might find hard to believe is that he's single, and the internet personality is definitely looking.

"Oh my God, I'm single and ready to mingle, so hit me up!" the high-fashion model laughed with

Chef Franco Noriega & Lindsey Metselaar
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But while Noriega might be ready for a relationship, he is still steadfast and focused on the difference he can make with cooking and heating up things in this kitchen this summer with T-fal, the leading brand for kitchen and home appliances.

"So, T-fal has this great technology, it's called a Thermo-Spot, which it [is] this round red circle in the middle that lights up when the pan is ready to cook," he explains to "So in a way, it tells you when you're ready to go."

The handsome chef is also pairing up with Millennial dating podcaster of "We Met at Acme" Lindsey Metselaar with the popular cookware in order to help people spice things up in and out of the kitchen.

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