Former 'Superman' Dean Cain Slammed by Social Media for Attempting to Shade Ashley Judd's Appearance

Former Lois and Clark actor Dean Cain is getting slammed by social media, for some comments he made that are being seen as an attempt to shade Ashley Judd's appearance. The comments came in a Twitter post by Cain, who was re-tweeting a video shared by the page for Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

In the clip, Judd is seen discussing her support for Warren, with her face appearing to be puffy — most likely due to the high dose of prednisone she previously revealed she has taken — to which Cain responded, "I’m not exactly sure what to say here... I certainly have nothing positive to say, so I’ll be quiet."

Cain's comments have cause quite a stir on social media, with one Twitter user hitting back, "Then you could've said nothing at all and contributed nothing, like the credits and relevancy of your IMDb page for the last decade."

"If you were being quiet, you wouldn't have drawn attention to it," another user said. "Just be open about your hating on someone else, like all the people in the comments. Ms. Judd has chronic health problems and gets puffy from the medications sometimes. Way to be judgmental."

"Really?! Welcome to being treated with Prednisone. Thanks to all of you for making fun of Chronic illness. Love to Ashley Judd for not hiding away like many of us do," someone else wrote.


"You could have been quiet from the beginning, not posted this and saved your energy for something better in life. Also just wondering, if Ashley wasn't supporting [Elizabeth Warren] would you have even thought to comment? Nevermind, I know that answer," another user said.

At this time, Judd does not appear to have commented on Cain's post, but the actor claims that his post was in reference to Judd's support of Warren, and not her appearance.