'Baywatch' Alum's Ex Resurfaces Living Homeless in Los Angeles

Loni Willison is likely best known as a fitness personality and cover model, once married to Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson until 2014. A few years after the split, Willison ended up living on the streets of Venice Beach, living homeless since 2016 and dealing with alleged drug abuse. While providing another face to the homeless issue choking Los Angeles and leaving many out in the cold, Willison's situation shows just how easy it is to slide into dire circumstances.

The marriage between Jackson and Willison happened in 2012 and had dissolved two years later amid a slew of abuse allegations against the Baywatch star. According to The Sun, Willison alleged that Jackson had attacked her in 2014, accusing him of strangling her. She was left with two broken ribs, neck injuries and scratches on the face due to the altercation.

After her split and her alleged mental break, Willison had to deal with mental health issues and drug abuse, battling addiction to alcohol and meth, according to The Sun. While her discovery was a shock when compared to her life before 2016, she spoke with The Sun in 2018 after friends unsuccessfully tried to get her into rehab.

"I haven't spoken to Jeremy. I don't want to speak to my friends, I'm doing just fine. I don't want anyone to help me," she told the outlet. "I can live on my own. I've got everything I need right here. Nobody really cares about me and I don't want to see them, they don't want to see me."

Her most recent sighting caught Willison wearing black leggings, a black cap and bare feet while digging through trash. She spoke to the media again in 2021 after being spotted again doing some dumpster diving, explaining a bit about how she ended up on the beach. "I lost two jobs and everything crumbled. It's been two years, I've been on the streets since," she told The Daily Mail.


She also spoke with The Sun last year, attempting to receive help while also juggling reactions to her situation. "Even if I could ask for help there is not a whole lot anyone could do," She said at the time. "I can't live in a building. I can't live in a home. I can't live anywhere because I have to move around constantly. I'm not going to mess up someone else's life because people f**ked with me so I just have to wait it out and see what happens as time goes on."

The former cover model isn't seen publicly too much these days, always moving and keeping her eyes open for a safe place for the night. Her story is similar to Jenni Lee, former star from the adult film world who fell on hard times and ended up living underground in Las Vegas.