Floyd Mayweather Says He Still Hasn't Cashed His Fight Checks

If you're someone who watches their direct deposit like a hawk on pay day, then you have nothing in common with Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

The boxing champion told members of his entourage on Thursday night that he has yet to cash his massive checks from his fights with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor, TMZ reports.

To prove that he's not bluffing, Mayweather says he plans on sharing the checks on social media later today. TMZ reports that he took home around $300 million per fight, meaning that if those numbers are right, he's got a casual $600 million sitting around.

Undefeated Mayweather famously beat McGregor earlier this summer after the referee stopped the fight one minute and five seconds into round 10. The fight was highly anticipated, with massive amounts of trash talking and hype from both sides of the ring.

Not unlike the McGregor fight, Mayweather similarly beat Pacquiao in 2015. The match was widely seen as a letdown after being billed the "Fight of the Century."

If Mayweather really hasn't cashed those two checks, we're guessing the number in his bank account is pretty impressive — but that's not the only extreme thing in his life.

Last week he revealed that he has not one, not two, but seven girlfriends. The 40-year-old appeared in an "Awkward Puppets" interview. When the puppet host asked how many girlfriends he has, Mayweather said, "I dunno, I'm probably about seven deep. You know, lucky seven."

"Champ, I can't even deal with one. How do you do it?" the puppet asked.

Mayweather says some of his "women" travel with him or they go out to dinner together. "Having one is too close to having none," he said.



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