Farrah Abraham Slammed for Latest Video of Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham decided to get in on the "In My Feelings" viral video challenge in the most unfortunate way possible. She shared a video of her 9-year-old Sophia dancing to Drake's hit song filmed while Abraham was driving.

Farrah’s post of Sophia dancing near her moving car. from r/teenmom

Abraham shared video of Sophia dancing to "In My Feelings" on the side of the road. The only problem was that Abraham filmed from her driver's seat and the car was moving. The video surfaced on Reddit Friday, where fans questioned Abraham's parenting.

"Some dude got hit by a car doing this last month. Idiot was in the middle of the street though- Soph is probably fine on the curb. Still not the safest thing in the world," one person wrote.

"I'm just glad she's on the side of the road and not in the middle. Small victories people," another added.

"Considering that Farrah snapchats and drives while obviously high all the time, this could easily go really badly," one fan wrote.

"I really am rooting for Sophia, but I really wish she would be spending time with more people her age. I know a couple people who turned out really socially stunted because they mostly socialized with adults growing up," another wrote.

The "In My Feelings" challenge became a popular meme last month when Instagram user The Shiggy Show shared a video of himself dancing to the lyrics. In a matter of days, #DoTheShiggy became a popular trend, with even celebrities joining in.

Will Smith famously filmed the most elaborate video, using a drone to film himself dancing atop a bridge in Budapest. DJ Steve Aoki also shared an impressive video, when he danced on a surfboard pulled by a jetski.

Abraham, 27, has been criticized for her parenting decisions countless times and has been accused of oversharing. In June, she posted a photo of Sophia while the little girl was showering. In April, she let Sophia witness her vaginal plastic surgery procedure, which was live-streamed for everyone to see.

In May, Abraham shared a photo of her daughter drinking something bubbly during their trip to Dubai. Fans thought it looked like champagne, but Abraham later said it was tea with edible gold flakes in it.

Abraham is not likely letting all these negative comments get to her though, as she prepares for a celebrity boxing match. In July, Abraham signed up for a charity fight in Atlantic City. Earlier this week, she finally got an opponent: Flavor of Love winner Hoopz.

Abraham is hoping the Nov. 10 match can raise awareness of the dangers of bullying.

"Bullies aren't allowed in the ring. This is for anti-bullying," Abraham told Us Weekly recently. "I look forward to boxing someone with integrity so it's a great match for everyone to watch. I encourage all bullies to watch the match. They could learn something from this."


Photo credit: Maury Phillips/Getty Images for WE tv