Farrah Abraham Decorating the Christmas Tree in Red Lingerie Sparks Response From Social Media

Farrah Abraham continues to draw heated responses whenever she posts a photo or video to social media. After her Thanksgiving post, which featured her in a black dress, jewels and gold, garnered numerous responses, the former Teen Mom star jumped to the next holiday in her most recent post shared to Instagram and Twitter on Sunday night. The MTV personality and mother-of-one found an interesting way to decorate her family's Christmas tree as seen in video, where she can be seen wearing red lingerie as she places a single ornament on the tree.

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"[Christmas tree] official," she wrote in the caption of the video. "Put it up & decorated... I've been real good this year... love my holiday locks by [Miguel Mata]."

The post quickly saw its comments section erupt as her followers issued their concerns over the risque post.

"I'm sure she could care less at all the negative comments," one user wrote. "But honestly I don't understand how she thinks this is acceptable. To each is own."

Another follower replied, "Do u do this around ur daughter?? Meaning do u dress like that in front of her?"

This isn't the first time the 28-year-old has mixed Christmas and her risque lifestyle. Back in 2017, Abraham made an appearance at the Las Vegas gentleman's club Crazy Horse III where she dressed up as a "sexy Santa."

She shared a photo of the event on her Instagram. Along with the photo was the caption, "This is what happens when Santa knows your (sic) bad."

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It's been quite the year for Abraham and her Instagram comments section. Numerous posts have led to her followers questioning her parenting approach.

Perhaps the most infamous one was of her donning nothing but a bath robe looking out of her window in Paris while on vacation with her daughter. While not noted in the post, many keen-eyed observers pointed out that the angle of the photo likely came from her child.

"Farrah stop it! [Oh my God] the way you're teaching Sophia," one user responded.


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