‘Family Matters’ Star Darius McCrary Accused of Dislocating Daughter’s Arm

The estranged wife of Family Matters star Darius McCrary claims that he partially dislocated their [...]

The estranged wife of Family Matters star Darius McCrary claims that he partially dislocated their toddler daughter's arm earlier this year.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tammy Brawner claims that McCrary, 42, has not been following court orders regarding custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Zoey.

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Brawner said that McCrary publicly said on the radio that "I have been telling and coaching our 2-year-old daughter to lie and say that 'Dada hurt her.'" But Brawner claims, backed up by medical records, that in March, McCrary "partially dislocated our daughter's arm."

Brawner told doctors at the time that McCrary "grabbed [Zoey's] arm" when he took her to the bathroom. McCrary denied that account and instead claimed he "grabbed one hand to lift her up and immediately grabbed the other."

The doctor's report notes Zoey was in pain and "cried when attempting to move the arm."

Ultimately, Zoey was diagnosed with Nursemaid's Elbow, which occurs among young children and toddlers when a child's elbow is pulled and one of the bones partially dislocates. Doctors performed a procedure, which Zoey handled well, according to the report.

Brawner also claims that McCrary has been disregarding the rules of their custody agreement, having brought another child to a recent monitored visit with Zoey. She also claims that McCrary has refused to attend ordered co-parenting classes with her.

"I cannot co-parent by myself," Brawner said in the court documents. "I have gone above and beyond to parent with Mr. McCrary but he appears to be too bitter and too much of a tyrant to parent with me."

In September, McCrary shared an image to social media that depicted a mother and child with the mother saying, "I know I told your daddy we'd discuss more visits.. but then people would catch on to my lie about him being 'deadbeat' & my new boyfriend couldn't play the perfect daddy."

Another image McCrary shared in September read, "The real deadbeat is the woman who keeps her child from a loving father."

Recently, fans of McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, have been lobbying for a reboot of the beloved '90s sitcom.

He and Jaleel White reunited for a special photo in April 2017, with McCrary resting his elbow on White's shoulder. After McCrary shared the photo, fans took to the comments section to express how much they'd love a revival series.

"WE NEED A REUNION!!!" one fan wrote.

"Redo the show it's a great idea...why not...all the other older shows are coming back," another fan commented.