Eva Mendes Jokes About Hiding From Her and Ryan Gosling's Kids With Sleepy Sunday Selfie

Eva Mendes, like most moms, is trying to get a few moments to herself without the kids and she shared that moment with fans via Instagram. The mom of two joked with her followers that she's hiding in bed in hopes to get a couple of minutes away from the chaos but mentioned that it's not really working. While her hair is wrapped up, she shows off her look from the night before admitting that she never washed her face before going to bed, confessing that she likes how the eye makeup turns out despite the fact that her skin disagrees.

Moms immediately flooded the comment section relating to the actress' post with one saying, "Yup i hid too in my bathroom just to do yoga..lol," to which Mendes responded with, "hahahaha! but that's the first place they look!!!!!! Sometimes the bed is my only (and best option)! Happy Sunday."

Someone else replied, "I'm smuggling Kit Kat's on my couch, and they keep running out, because they hear the wrappers go take a nap kids!!"

The 45-year-old responded by saying, "hahaha! That's the best. I usually sneak Nutella. No wrapper. A clean smooth operation."

Another fan shared her agreement in regards to the makeup comment saying, "As I read this with last nights makeup on. I completely agree. Next day makeup is great way to scratch the dollar worth too."

Mendes and husband Ryan Gosling share daughters Esmerelda, 5, and Amanda, 3.

As Halloween quickly approaches, Mendes told Kelly Clarkson on her new daytime talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show that her daughters are obsessed with Wizard of Oz and haven't ventured away from the Dorothy costume in a few years.

"They're constantly dressing up," she said. "And our kids are obsessed with Wizard of Oz and Dorothy, so they've been Dorothy ever year."


While she said that them wearing the same costume for years in a row has been great "financially" she's ready for them to switch things up a bit and maybe move in a more spookier direction.

"We're like, 'Let's, you know, maybe we could do like a bloody Dorothy?' Like, 'I could just put some blood on you or something! 'Cause really? Dorothy again?'"