Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers Looks Stylish as Ever as She Hypes up Workout Snaps

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Mathers has once again proved that she's a dominant influencer force on Instagram. On Tuesday, Mathers posted a new photo of yet another chic outfit and sent a message to her fans about some of her future content.

Mathers posted a photo of herself dressed in an incredibly fashionable look that consisted of jeans, a black turtleneck top, sunglasses, and a snakeskin print jacket. In the caption for the post, she kept the focus on what she'll be posting next, i.e. any workouts that her followers are interested in.

"starting tomorrow I'll be posting my workouts on my stories again!! comment if there's anything specific you'd like to see in my routines," Mathers wrote.

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Unsurprisingly, her followers wasted no time in responding with some suggestions.

"hailie! i need toned legs! any workouts for that you have planned?" one fan commented.

"Amazing! Your workouts are a great inspiration to stay motivated! Love them! Thank you," another fan wrote, clearly thrilled that Mathers will return to the 'gram with some workout tips.

"Love all your videos! I would love to see some workouts dedicated to the glutes," another user commented on the Instagram snap.

While many followers commented with their own suggestions for Mathers, some fans were simply thrilled to see that she was seeking out their opinions.

"Glad to see you're looking to influence us!! Being an influencer has so much social responsibility and some of these guys dont have it Hailie," one fan wrote in praise of the influencer. "I'm old but would love positivity not mixed in with two bit drama. I'll be waiting on those great tutorials minus the "let me spark my joint and talk gossip about people, lowering their self esteem". I can tell you're the new age of "Do better.... for you and people around you"!"

As Mathers shared, she hasn't posted about her workouts on her stories for some time. But, based on the rest of her Instagram feed, she clearly stays active. Back in July 2019, she even gave fans a sneak peek at her hard work. Mathers, dressed up in some fashionable workout gear, noted that she's put in plenty of effort when it comes to working out.


"90% hard work, 10% lighting," Mathers' lighthearted caption for the snap read.