Eminem's Daughter Hailie Mathers Has Fans Sounding off About Her Glasses Selfie

Hailie Mathers opened up a bit about herself in her latest selfie from earlier this week, giving fans a reason to heap praise on the daughter of Eminem and reveal a bit about themselves. In the photo, Mathers showed that she isn't just sporting glasses for fashion. She actually has a prescription.

"[Yes], these glasses are prescription," Mathers captioned the photo. "[No], i don't wear them as needed."

Apart from the glasses, Mathers is sporting a denim jacket, some snug black jeans, and a white blouse highlighted by a charm necklace. Together it was an ensemble that drove some of her Instagram fans wild.

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"[Oh my god] where is that jacket from?" one fan asked. "So cute."

"My friends say I look like you," another added in. "Best compliment ever."

"Now my one question is were did all them curves come from?" a third asked.

While some fans were asking why Mathers didn't do more with her father or have a relationship with her mother, but most were positive. This continued on her latest post, a pair of shots of her puppy Wolf.

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"Wolf joined the family right around this time last year so in honor of that here's the cutest #tbt ever!! honestly some of these u may have seen before but they are cute enough to watch over and over again in my opinion," Mather wrote in the caption for the post. "These make me REALLY miss when he was smaller than Lottie- now he's like twice her size."

Fans definitely agreed about the adorable pup, sharing their love on the post.

"Why does wold have the same sassy faces you do? [laugh my a-- off]," one fan wrote.

"They are so cute!!!!" another wrote. "Would you consider getting more dogs?"


"Omg his ears when he was little! Soooo stinking cute! Both dogs are adorable!" a third gushed over the doggies.

It's hard to deny that Mathers is growing in her presence as an Instagram influencer. She doesn't hide her successful connections to her father, but it doesn't seem to matter for her social media presence. She's far from the little girl we've seen.