Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers' Michigan Farm Photo Has Fans Sounding off About Their Autumns

Hailie Jade Mathers, the daughter of rapper Eminem, is carving out quite the spot for herself as an influencer. In her latest Instagram photo, she went out of her way to reach out to fans, and they reached out right back. Mathers, 23, snapped a classy shot of herself living it up at a Michigan farm, fully enjoying the fall weather. In the photo's caption, she asked her followers what exactly the fall weather was like in their neck of the woods.

"Don't mind me- just enjoying my hot apple cider [and] the beautiful Michigan fall foliage!" she wrote. "I want to know where you are from! Are you experiencing fall right now too?!"

Not only did she reach out to her fans, she even responded to several of them when they commented.

"Salt Lake City and yes getting a lot colder and leaves are changing around the mountains very beautiful," a fan from Utah wrote.

Mathers replied, "That sounds like it would be an awesome view!!"

"From Rochester, NY but have been living in Orlando for the last 12 years," another fan wrote. "I love it here. Sometimes I miss the change of seasons, but I don't miss the headache of dealing with cold weather."

The young influencer replied, "The changes are so nice I just wish winter didn't last SO long!"

"New York, so our winters are basically as brutal as Detroit," a third fan commented. "Soon it's going to be below zero, and I don't know how we are going to survive."

Mathers, whose mother is Eminem's ex wife Kimberly Anne Scott, revealed she wasn't looking forward to winter weather, writing, "I am not ready for snow at all either."

A fan from the Sunshine State wrote, "Nope. Florida doesn't have seasons [laugh out loud]," to which Mathers responded, "Well at least you don't have the long, cold winter we have here!"


She also responded to one fashion inquiry. One fan asked where she boot the stylish boots she wore in the farm photo, and Mathers revealed they were BP brand and purchased from Nordstrom.

Photo Credit: Randy Holmes via Getty Images